Library: Common (5.1.0)


Name Type Description
 Feature_Access Contextual Facet
 BasicHotelPropertyInfo Core Object Identifies a property.
 GuaranteesAccepted Core Object TODO- (split between type accepted in location and guest provided)GuaranteeAccepted
 GuestCount Value With Attributes Identifies the number of guests for the reservation.
 MultimediaGroup Business Object
 Notice Business Object Temporary or time constrained messages relating to a resource or information object.
 NoticeEnum Open Enumeration
 RatePlanCode Value With Attributes A string value may be used to request a particular code or an ID if the guest qualifies for a specific rate, such as AARP, AAA, a corporate rate, etc., or to specify a negotiated code as a result of a negotiated rate.
 RelatedMedia Value With Attributes A list of multimedia item references.
 Feature_Secure Contextual Facet