Library: Profile (1.0.0)


Name Type Description
 Access Value With Attributes Free text comment added by the person accessing the profile record.
 Accesses Business Object Element to capture creation and last update data.
 Affiliations Core Object Defines an entity that provides travel services or benefits to a customer or company.
 Agreements Core Object Section of a business profile that contains information about trading partner agreements.
 Alliance Core Object Provides information about alliance partnerships and consortiums of members grouped together to obtain trading partner agreements for travel service and privileges.
 AllianceMember Value With Attributes
 Certification Value With Attributes Information about certifications or accreditation held by the company.
 CitizenCountryCode Value With Attributes A 2 character country code as defined in ISO3166.
 Commission Value With Attributes Provides a monetary amount and the currency code to reflect the currency in which this amount is expressed.
 CompanyProfile Business Object
 ProfileService_Create SOAP Operation
 ProfileService_Delete SOAP Operation
 Document Core Object Provides information on a specific document.
 DocumentHolder_Enum Closed Enumeration
 Insurance Core Object Travel insurance carried by the customer or company.
 Organization Core Object Membership organization that has travel benefits, programs, or discounts.
 OrganizationMemberName Core Object
 Person Business Object
 PhysicalChallenge Value With Attributes Describes a person's physical challange.
 Profile Business Object Root element for profile content.
 Profiles Core Object Container element for a collection of profiles.
 ProfileService_Read SOAP Operation
 TravelArranger Core Object Type of service making travel plans or transactions (e.g., travel agency, etc.).
 ProfileService_Update SOAP Operation